Standup comedian Stewart Lee is frequently irritated as a result of overhearing well-meaning fans mistaking him for world leaders, fictional characters and genocidal warlords. Here, we point out the subtle differences between comedian Stewart Lee's face and his various other attributes and those of his many look-alikes.

“Oh look, KD Lang has let herself go.”

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Photo attributions (left, right)

KD Lang: Charlie Llewellin, Jon Appleyard

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Ratko Mladic: AFP, G Evans

Kim Jong Il: via mindthis, Leicester Square Theatre

Leonardo DiCaprio: Siebbi, Paul Christopher

Roland Gift: Alan Light, Salim Fadhley

Todd Carty: Gary Knight, Mc-Q

1930s Tarzan: Public domain, via The London Magazine

Ray Liotta: gdcgraphics, via SG Fringe

Ali Campbell: Stuart Sevastos, Diamond Geyser

Mark Fowler: What's on TV, via TNT Magazine

Mark Lamarr: Thomas Cook, Mc-Q

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'90s Eskimo: Unknown, Wheelzwheeler

Morrissey: Caligvla, Jon Appleyard

July 2013 · Background by Dimitrie Hoekstra · Shared under a Creative Commons License (CC BY) · I also tweet